our future vanity who dig on a youth in depends ? (jamesduende) wrote in anti_elitist,
our future vanity who dig on a youth in depends ?

Real MOD ern Music on the RAD io ....

Hello Friend.

On July 23nd, 2003, Wednesday, 2:00AM, I Dan Deacon, will be performaing an
hour long live set of wonderful electronic compositions on the radio on WFMU
90.1 or 91.1. It will surely be an evening to remember for all! Information
need for the enjoyment:

$ WFMU 91.1 (NYC, NJ) or 90.1(Hudson Valley and other)
$ www.wfmu.org for live streaming audio of the show via internet connection
$ 2:00am Wednesday morning(Tuesday night)
$ For more information on the please visit: http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/OD

Thanks again friend. I am sorry if you got this email twice. I didnt think

-Dan Deacon
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